39 Across

A housewife begins to suspect her husband's fidelity when she encounters a frightening clue in a crossword puzzle...

Written and directed by Adam Turkel
Produced by Camille Casmier

Starring Lilia Vassileva, Nicholas Van Brunt, Jennifer Lenius, and Daniel Chenard

On a quiet suburban street, in a quaint suburban home live housewife Anna and her husband Arnold. Every weekend since they first met, the young couple has done the Sunday crossword together. But when Arnold leaves for a business trip, Anna is left to do the puzzle alone. As she works through the crossword, she comes across an unusual, unsettling, impossible clue in the 39 Across slot. Though she initially shrugs it off, several of the following clues begin to trigger memories from her marriage, and the truth behind 39 Across appears all the more convincing...

Northwestern University Department of Radio/Television/Film
2015 Media Arts Grant Recipient; 2016 Joann Torretta Award Recipient